Welcome to Banshee Apps

Banshee Apps is a new Indie Game Studio and App Publishing House based in Rathmines, Dublin.
Being Irish we hold a deep love of storytelling and the Banshee is one of our favourites, a female spirit whose wail if heard three times outside of a house, foretells the death of one of its inhabitants.

So fasten your seatbelt as we'll be releasing our first products over the coming months including a variety of emoji themed apps, retro style mobile Games, charades and quiz apps, fun Photo apps, A positive living app, a traffic app for struggling commuters and a tourist app to make it easier for tourists and locals to connect and have fun!

We hope you enjoy the ride!

The Banshee Apps Team





On a sabbatical from his love of teaching Adrian left for the big city and with three App development courses under his belt launched Banshee Apps in January 2016! His inspiration comes from Appreneurs like Carter Thomas, Chad Mureta and George Berkowski. His goal is the relentless pursuit of a philosophy known as Lifestyle Design!


After spending ten years working as a moderator for one of the worlds largest browser-based, real-time strategy, multiplayer online games, Peadar decided to follow his own dream and joined the Banshee Apps team. He currently resides in a Sky Cell and is subject to regular beatings if he misses his daily targets.


Sergio is our Italian web developer extraordináre. Professionally he is a web designer and front-end developer who loves working with Graphics and animations. Sergio is fluent in Photoshop, Swishmax, Animation, Software Support, HTML 5, CSS, Sketch and Illustrator. He also makes a mean Spaghetti Sandwich