We've put together a list of the most Inspiring and Educational books we've read since we started our journey. If you're new to the world of Entrepreneurship and Lifestyle Design then start with "App Empire".

It's a light read about guru Chad Mureta who, while lying badly injured and up to his eyes in debt, borrows just enough money to make the worlds first Fingerprint Prank app, which ended up with millions of downloads and catapulting him into the stars.

A second inspiring read is The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. This is another wonderful read but dont be fooled by the title. It takes several years of 80 hour workweeks to gain the freedom he now has. His two podcasts also come highly recommended!

Another light but essential read is Zero to One by Paypal founder Peter Thiel. While a short read the information is a goldmine as Peter talks thorugh the Big Picture aspects of setting up a technology company.

When you're ready to get stuck in then make sure to read both of MJ DeMarco's bestselling books "The Millionaire Fastlane", and "Unscripted" BEFORE you start. These constitute a Masters Business degree in non BS language. MJ exposes the myths and realities of Entrepreneurship and lets you know in no uncertain terms exactly how much sacrifice will be required, as well as the industries have the best chance of success.

MJ also outlines the Five Commandments that are necessary to turn a business into a global success and your path to freedom. When you read these don't feel guilty if you decide to not to go down the rabbit-hole any further. You can download free chapters on his Fastlane Forum here: THE FASTLANE FORUM

And if you do decide to jump in and join the word of Entrepreneurship you are going to sacrifice the next 3-6 years of your life with absolutely no guarantee of success. Depression and Suicide are quite common as outlined by Gary Vaynerchuk. Most will give up so make sure you lay down the Spiritual and Psychological foundations you'll need to keep going. The classic Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill outlines the deeper psyche you'll need to program your subconscious mind and the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod will give you the Psychological foundations to keep going.
The Miracle morning for Entrepreneurs is even better!

Disclaimer: These books have become the Philisophical and Practical backbone of Banshee Apps. Whether they work for you depends on how you interpret the lessons and mould them to your own environment and circumstances.
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